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Needed Guidance

Because the current search process is more complicated and more competitive than in the past, having expert guidance is more important for you today than ever.  By receiving customized guidance, you and your family can make college-related decisions with confidence.

Long-Term Investment

Hiring a qualified college consultant increases your chance of attending your best-fit college the first time around.  Not only will your experience be more enjoyable and less stressful, it also might result in significant savings for you and your family throughout your college years.

Limited School Support

Public school guidance counselors have very limited time to spend with each student: often less than an hour per year, per student, according to studies. Although many of these counselors are excellent at what they do, the sheer numbers of students they work with makes it difficult to give abundant individual time. I am able to offer students undivided attention, as well as personalized assessments that help them learn more about their interests and fields of study they may be interested in.

Financial Options

In my view, this is one of the key reasons to hire a consultant.  Learning about options for certain colleges might make them more affordable than families initially believe, often widening the options of schools available to a student.


A college consultant can be a valuable third party, offering experienced and unbiased perspective during this process.


The time saved throughout the application process by using expert guidance results in a more efficient and enjoyable experience, allowing extra time for students and families to focus on their daily lives.


Staying organized becomes more challenging as you begin to need to juggle homework with college research, applications, and decisions. I can aid you in staying organized, focused, and on track, helping to ensure grades don't slip and opportunities aren't missed.


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