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Joan Case

"Had I gone to a big college, I would have survived, and even gotten good grades.  But I would have stayed in my dorm room much of the time.  By learning that I'd be better off at a small college, I've gained so much confidence...enough to participate more in clubs and activities than I ever thought I could.  This college is perfect for me!"  


My goal for you as a student is for you to become clearer in what you are seeking, and to gain confidence in choosing colleges that are right for you.  By feeling less intimidated and more empowered as I guide you in the process of learning about colleges, it is my hope and intention that you enjoy the search and feel excited about your upcoming college years!  


My goal for your family is to help provide a more positive and exciting experience throughout the application process.  I am passionate about educating families about financial affordability, and the various options available.  With the dramatic increase in college tuition over recent years, this aspect has become an increasingly important factor in choosing a school and I am committed to finding the best aid available for every family.  


There is no one "best" college for all students.  I believe that the heart of my work is to assist each of you in knowing what type of school is best for you.  I can help you and your family navigate this process successfully, from early-on college visits to when you are packing your bags and off to college


While helping guide both my own daughters through their college applications, I learned first-hand about college admissions and the wide array of opportunities for students.  I was struck by the amount of time it took to learn all that was needed to help them make a wise and financially sound decision.

I simultaneously witnessed many other families going through anxiety, be it due to misinformation, their students' uncertainty about college choices, or difficulty in obtaining unbiased, quality information. I was driven to learn as much as I could; I want to assist and empower students and families to make decisions they feel confident about. 

I attended both UC Irvine and Long Beach State University as an undergraduate, where I played both varsity tennis and ran on the varsity cross-country team.  After receiving my degree in Physical Education, I attended Duke University to complete my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy.  The various types of colleges I attended gave me varied, direct experience in their similarities and differences.  These experiences also taught me first-hand how much more each student can thrive if they base their choice on what colleges are "best-fit" colleges for them.


My work as a physical therapist gave me extensive experience in-one-on one interaction and consulting, helping me to learn to listen to clients and tailor my services to their specific needs.  


I received my Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from UC Irvine, and completed the Individual Educational Consultants Association's Summer Training Institute.  


"Thank you so much for your help!  We would not have been able to help our daughter with her college decision nearly as much, without your expertise.  Thankfully, she loves [where she attends].  You were knowledgeable and supportive through every step of they way.  We are so grateful we found you."



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